DDC 0.0.0

a discrete domain computation library

API reference
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CSelection< ddc_detail::TypeSeq< QueryDDims... > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::sum< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::prod< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::land >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::lor >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::band< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::bor< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::bxor< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::min< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::max< T > >
 Cddc_to_kokkos_reducer< reducer::minmax< T > >
 CChunk< ElementType, DiscreteDomain< DDims... >, Allocator >
 CChunkCommon< ElementType, DiscreteDomain< DDims... >, LayoutStridedPolicy >
 CChunkSpan< ElementType, DiscreteDomain< DDims... >, LayoutStridedPolicy, MemorySpace >
 CDiscreteElementA DiscreteElement identifies an element of the discrete dimension
 CIsDiscreteElement< DiscreteElement< Tags... > >
 CDiscreteVectorA DiscreteVector is a vector in the discrete dimension
 CIsDiscreteVector< DiscreteVector< Tags... > >
 CConversionOperators< DiscreteVector< Tag > >
 Cserial_host_policySerial execution on the host
 Cparallel_host_policyParallel execution on the default device
 Cparallel_device_policyKokkos parallel execution uisng MDRange policy
 CNonUniformPointSamplingNonUniformPointSampling models a non-uniform discretization of the CDim segment $[a, b]$
 Cis_non_uniform_sampling< NonUniformPointSampling< CDim > >
 Cis_rectilinear_domain< DiscreteDomain< DDims... > >
 CUniformPointSamplingUniformPointSampling models a uniform discretization of the provided continuous dimension
 Cis_uniform_sampling< UniformPointSampling< CDim > >
 Cis_uniform_domain< DiscreteDomain< DDims... > >